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About us


CHL is run by David Chapman and David Hamer. Known as ‘the two David’s’, since 1994, we have worked together on dozens of ICT development, education and training projects. Our clients are mainly in the UK private and public sectors.


Information security and data protection training, education and development coursesSpecialising in data protection and information security, CHL provides training,
education and development courses to small, medium and large private and public sector organisations.
CHL’s data protection and information security courses can be delivered online, on site or a combination of both. Our current courses include:

GDPR – In a nutshell – EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – key awareness topics for small business

Information security awareness – This one-day, on-site, instructor-led, non-technical information security awareness course, avoids (almost all) jargon to outline key small business security threats and give you actionable solutions.


Data protection and information security training, education and development courses

Every client requirement is unique. But, they all start with a conversation. About your needs.

Adding value depends heavily upon soft skills, i.e. communication, friendliness and empathy. Naturally, we adopt best practice skills and techniques. But, we’re not pedalling ‘cookie cutter’ solutions.

If you want an experienced and knowledgeable team who will focus on your desired outcomes rather than process, why not talk with us? Think experience, solutions, outcomes, practical, pragmatic, flexible, innovative …

To begin that conversation, email, call us on +44 (0)1905 821786 or our contact form.

What do our students say?

Not sure whether a CHL course is right for you? Here are some reviews left by current and past students.

Overall really good course

"David has created an intuitive and concise course on GDPR. The content is current and relevant and clearly explained. The quizzes are useful to check one's understanding. Overall really good course on GDPR."

Clear presentation

"Good context, content and structure, as well as clear presentation."

Perfect course

"As a brazilian information security professional this course was very good to clarify various points about GDPR. Its a perfect course to break the shell regarding GDPR. The instructor is speeks very well, I just think that he could bring more energy to the slides. Sometimes he start to become slow. But I recommend it."

Awesome course

"Awesome course! Great introduction to GDPR providing basic foundational knowledge to build upon. The instructor is very clear and presents information in a professional user friendly manner and illustrates how it can be implemented in the real world at a basic level."

Really enjoyed this course

"Really enjoyed this course. I expected to find the subject interesting and, thanks to a good instructor, I was not disappointed."

Good structure

"a very accessible and interesting presentation on a dry subject. Particularly like the quiz after each section. Good structure"

Highly recommend

"Great introductory course, very well put together, instructor is very knowledgable on the subject matter. Highly recommend to anyone looking to learn about how they are at risk online."


"Great introductory course on Information Security. David gives clear explanation of key topics using visually attractive slides. The list of biographies at the end of each session is helpful to dig further into the respective topics. This is definitely a valuable course with a comprehensive overview of the main aspects of information security."

A must-do

“Very good, and leading me to want to see more. I've learnt some very useful tips for computer security. A must-do for almost everyone. I've not seen anything else like this and it is essential for everyone who uses a computer or mobile device.... in a word everyone!”