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Course description – Social engineering

Malicious social engineers work hard to manipulate your emotions. When successful, they often fool unsuspecting users into handing over sensitive information, clicking a link, or downloading a malicious file.

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Are you ready to learn about social engineering and defending yourself against malicious social engineering attacks?

In this non-technical course, you’ll learn how social engineering attacks operate and practical ways to defend yourself.

It introduces social engineering and explains its popularity amongst attackers. Three main malicious social engineering attack techniques are considered. Real-life social engineering examples are provided. Tips for defending yourself against social engineering attacks are given.

This key information security awareness topic is presented in a straightforward, accessible and practical manner.

After the course, use the course workbook to reflect upon and improve information security awareness at your workplace.

Course content and overview

  • What is social engineering?
  • Social engineering examples
  • Defending yourself

There are resources and practice activities: e.g. annotated lecture slides, online quizzes providing immediate feedback, a workbook and a topic bibliography.

Including quizzes and workbook, the course requires around 1-hour effort.

A completion certificate is also available.


An appreciation of the small business workplace
A general familiarity with internet browsing and common office applications

A completion certificate is also available.

Who is the target audience?

Small business employers and employees

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