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Course description – You are a target

What’s your real risk of becoming a cybercrime victim? What are the cyber criminals after, and how much your stolen information is worth to them?

This non-technical course introduces the main small business cyber security threats.
The value of stolen information and how to recognise workplace cyber security threats, who the attackers target and why

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It considers the value of personal or company information and how it is sold on darknet markets. It introduces identity theft, highlighting the type of people deliberately targeted. Corporate identity fraud and basic protection approaches are addressed. Common workplace information security threats, as identified by a UK government survey, are introduced.

This key information security awareness topic is presented in a straightforward, accessible and practical manner.

After the course, use the course workbook to reflect upon and improve information security awareness at your workplace.

Note: Cyberthreats – You are a target is included in the Information security awareness course.

Course content and overview

  • The stolen information market
  • Identity theft
  • SME information security threats

The course comprises of 6 video lectures. Lectures play typically for 4-6 minutes.

There are resources and practice activities: e.g. annotated lecture slides, online quizzes providing immediate feedback, a workbook and a topic bibliography.

Including quizzes and workbook, the course requires around 1-hour effort.


An appreciation of the small business workplace

A completion certificate is also available.

Who is the target audience?

Small business employers and employees

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