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Course descriptions – Dangerous emails and links

Did you know? The annual estimated cost of cybercrime to UK small business is over five billion pounds? The most common small business attacks are phishing, spear phishing and malware.

This is a course description video for our online course ‘Cyberthreats – Dangerous emails and links’, for the full course please visit

What you will learn

In this course, you’ll learn about these threats and get practical advice to protect yourself and your company.

Many attacks succeed because of insecure end user behaviour. Especially behaviour around the opening of email attachments and clicking on unsafe hyperlinks.

Email attachments are widely considered to be dangerous. They are one of the most common ways of introducing malware onto a victim’s system.

Clicking on a hyperlink can also be dangerous. A misleading link can take you to a phishing website, or a malware download.

We’ll also consider some common scams that fraudsters and hackers use to steal money from small business.

And, I’ll introduce spear phishing, consider its characteristics, explain what to look out for, and discuss how you can avoid becoming a victim.

Information security awareness training helps small business to defend itself and its people from many scams and attacks.

Course content and overview

This key information security awareness topic is presented in a straightforward, accessible and practical manner.

  1. In ‘Dangerous email and links’, you’ll learn about:
  2. The dangers of email attachments and hyperlinks
  3. How to distinguish between real and fake email
  4. Common business scams to be aware of
  5. Spear phishing characteristics and what to look out for

After the course, use the course workbook to reflect upon and improve information security awareness at your workplace.

Note: Cyberthreats – Dangerous email and links is included in the Information security awareness course.

The course comprises of 7 video lectures. Lectures play typically for 4-6 minutes.

There are resources and practice activities: e.g. annotated lecture slides, online quizzes providing immediate feedback, a workbook and a topic bibliography.

Including quizzes and workbook, the course requires around 1-hour effort.

A completion certificate is also available.

Who is the target audience?

Small business employers and employees

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