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Cyber security essentials – Onsite course

Cyber security essentials – Onsite course

Cyber security essentials course

About this course

This course complements the UK Government backed Cyber Essentials Scheme. The scheme is designed to help small businesses prevent most cyberattacks.  Cyber Essentials is mandatory for suppliers of Government contracts involving personal information and some ICT products and services.


Key Cyber security requirements are presented in a straightforward, accessible and practical manner.


After delivery, use the course workbook to plan your workplace certification project.


Post-course, delegates can schedule an online coaching session.

Course content and overview

  • Background and introduction to Cyber Essentials
  • Conducting a cyber security assessment
  • Boundary firewalls and internet gateways
  • The five Cyber Essential control groups
    • Boundary firewalls and internet gateways
    • Secure configuration
    • Access control
    • Malware protection
    • Patch management
  • Policies to support Cyber Essentials
  • Implementing Cyber Essentials
  • Cyber Essentials certification
  • Audit and assessment
  • Planning your certification project

This course comprises of instructor-led presentations and activities.  Each topic divides into several classroom activities.

For each topic, there are resources and practice activities: e.g. annotated lecture slides, a workbook and a topic bibliography.

A completion certificate is also available.

What will I learn?

  • What the Cyber Essentials scheme is all about
  • How to conduct a basic cyber security risk assessment
  • How to apply best practices to the five Cyber Essentials control groups
  • Your certification options
  • Audit and assessment requirements
  • How to plan your certification project


  • There are no specific pre-requisites for this course
  • It is suited to managerial and technical staff who are familiar with and responsible for the IT infrastructure of their firm

This one-day, on site, instructor-led course introduces core information security measures necessary to significantly reduce an organisation’s information security vulnerabilities.  It helps you plan your certification project.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for staff from small firms that wish to achieve Cyber Essentials certification.

Interested in this course?

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