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GDPR – In a nutshell – Online course

GDPR – In a nutshell – Online course

GDPR in a nutshell online course

About this course

Enrol today for only £9.99. Normal price £24.99

Enrol today for only £9.99. Normal price £24.99

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) headlines are all about the fines – up to €20 million or 4% of global turnover.  Fortunately, the supervisory authorities aim to encourage organisations and businesses to apply sound data protection principles That’s what this GDPR – in a nutshell course is all about.

The course explains the rationale for data protection regulation and provides an overview of the GDPR.  It outlines the six data protection principles and the accountability principle.  It explains the new and enhanced data subjects’ rights.  Significant compliance issues, such as subject access requests, the impact on direct marketing and personal data breach reporting are considered.

This is an introductory, staff awareness course.  Concentrating on the compliance issues and concerns faced by small businesses and organisations.

Course content and overview

This awareness training is structured around four topics

  1. GDPR – rationale and overview
  2. Principles and accountability
  3. Individual rights
  4. Applying the GDPR

This course comprises of 25 lectures and around 1.5 hours of lecture content.  Each topic divides into several short lectures.  Lectures typically last 4-10 minutes.  There are practice activities and resources: i.e. content-based and scenario-based quizzes, a downloadable lecture pdf and a topic bibliography.

Course topics

GDPR – rationale and overview

This topic introduces the GDPR and outlines it’s background, key roles and definitions.  It also details the increased penalties and exemptions.

Principles and accountability

This topic introduces the six data protection principles underpinning the GDPR and explains the overarching accountability principle.

Individual rights

This topic outlines the individual rights that EU citizens have under the GDPR.  It also considers the business impact of serving those rights.

Applying the GDPR

This topic considers three challenging GDPR compliance subjects.  These are: subject access requests (SARs), the impact on direct marketing and personal data breach reporting.

What Will I Learn?

  • Why data protection regulation is necessary
  • To interpret the GDPR principles and a data subject’s rights
  • How to deal with a subject access request
  • The impact on direct marketing
  • To determine compliance actions for a personal data breach


  • No specific prerequisites

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Enrol today for only £9.99. Normal price £24.99