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Information Security Awareness: An introduction for UK SMEs – Online course
Section 1
1 video
Video: Introduction
3:55 m
Section 2
You are a target
6 videos
Video: Introduction
2:24 m
Video: The Stolen Information Market
04:59 m
Video: Identity Theft
05:31 m
Video: SME Information security threats
05:32 m
Video: Practical Implications
01:11 m
Video: Summary and Conclusions
01:29 m
Section 3
Social engineering
6 videos
Video: Social engineering examples
05:00 m
Video: Defending yourself
03:06 m
Video: Practical implications
01:46 m
Video: Summary and conclusions
01:33 m
Section 4
Dangerous emails and links
7 videos
Video: Dangerous email and links introduction
02:22 m
Video: Email attachments
05:14 m
Video: Hyperlinks
06:10 m
Video: Common Scams
08:10 m
Video: Spear phishing
04:08 m
Video: Practical implications
01:44 m
Video: Summary and conclusions
01:54 m
Section 5
Social media security issues
5 videos
Video: Social media security issues introduction
02:49 m
Video: Social media dangers
06:12 m
Video: Workplace social media protection
03:40 m
Video: Practical implications
01:07 m
Video: Summary and conclusions
01:16 m
Section 6
Password risks
7 videos
Video: Password risks introduction
01:49 m
Video: Password issues
06:12 m
Video: Managing passwords
04:34 m
Video: Password hygiene
05:30 m
Video: SME password security
03:37 m
Video: Practical implications
01:18 m
Video: Summary and conclusions
01:31 m
Section 7
Course summary and conclusions
1 video
Video: Course summary and conclusions
06:39 m

Information Security Awareness: An introduction for UK SMEs – Online course

About this course

UK SMEs are at risk of cyber-attack. Information Security awareness training helps SMEs defend themselves.  This introductory, non-technical information security awareness course, avoids (almost all) jargon to outline key SME workplace security threats and give you actionable solutions.

Protect yourself and your SME

SMEs with a security-aware culture are less likely to suffer an expensive cyber-attack.  Educating yourself about workplace information security threats and adopting secure practices will help protect your company.  This Information Security Awareness course introduces end-user focused, straightforward, non-technical security awareness topics.

The course is particularly suited to micro (0-9 employees) and small (10-49 employees) SMEs.  Some medium (50-249 employees) SMEs will benefit from parts of the course.  Most examples and many references in the course are UK sourced.

Individuals, families, small businesses and large organisations share many information security threats.  How SMEs should prepare for and respond to these threats differs from the other categories of user.  Defensive techniques and tips offered in this course are UK SME oriented.

Key information security awareness topics are presented in a straightforward, accessible and practical manner.

This course comprises of 33 lectures and around 2 hours of lecture content.  Each topic divides into several short lectures.  Lectures typically last 4-8 minutes.  Following each topic, are practice activities and resources: e.g. a downloadable lecture pdf, an online quiz providing immediate feedback, a downloadable workbook and a topic bibliography.

What Will I Learn?

  • The value of stolen information and how to recognise UK SME cyber security threats including viruses, spyware, malware, impersonation, denial-of-service, hacking, identity theft and corporate identity fraud,
  • How social engineering attacks operate and how to protect yourself through cautious behaviour, call verification and by applying email precautions,
  • Sound practices to safely handle email attachments and follow hyperlinks, identify fake emails, and recognise common business scams,
  • To recognise and avoid social media dangers including identity theft, social engineering attacks and malware, by adopting sound social media practices,
  • To securely manage your passwords.


  • An appreciation of the small business workplace,
  • A general familiarity with internet browsing and common office applications.

Not sure if this Information security awareness course is right for you? View some preview lectures by visiting the video section of the CHL site.

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