Information Security Awareness

Information Security Awareness: An introduction for UK SMEs

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Information security awareness for SMEs course

Information Security Awareness: An introduction for UK SMEs

This course will help you to recognise the main UK SME cyber security breaches and learn how to protect yourself and your company from common attacks.



There are no specific prerequisites for this course

  • An appreciation of UK small business and its environment
  • A general familiarity with internet browsing and typical office applications


Who should attend

  • This course is designed for
    • UK-based SME employers and employees, especially those working with office computing or mobile applications including browsers, email, word processors and spreadsheets
    • Computing and business students interested in UK small business
  • This course is not designed for
    • UK SME employees not using computers, mobile devices or accessing the internet
    • People without a UK SME interest or awareness
  • This is a non-technical course focussed on small business security awareness. Except for evaluation purposes, this course is not appropriate for
    • Information security professionals
    • Technical IT staff
    • Government or large organisation staff


On course completion, you will be able to…

  • Recognise the main UK SME cyber security threats including viruses, malware, impersonation, hacking, identity theft and corporate identity fraud
  • Protect yourself from social engineering attacks through cautious behaviour, call verification and email precautions
  • Safely handle email attachments and follow hyperlinks, identify fake emails, and recognise common business scams
  • Avoid social media dangers including identity theft, social engineering attacks and malware, and adopt sound social media practices
  • Securely manage your passwords



  • Video based lectures
  • Annotated lecture slides
  • Quizzes
  • Bibliographies
  • Workbooks

Course Overview – SME information security awareness