Introduction to SQL

A Practical Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)

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Introduction to SQL course

A Practical Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)

This course is a practical introduction to SQL.


There are no specific prerequisites for this course

  • A general awareness of databases from everyday online services would be helpful
  • You will need a PDF reader and a mainstream browser with internet access

Who should attend

  • Users of desktop analytical tools wishing to extend their abilities to work with relational database sources
  • Anyone moving into application programming without previous database or SQL experience
  • Undergraduates enrolled on modules covering database management systems, data modelling or commercial applications programming

On course completion, you will be able to…

  • Navigate the inter-related tables of a relational database
  • Devise query strategies to meet your data analysis/reporting requirements
  • Interrogate relational database sources using SQL


  • Video based lectures
  • Exercises
  • Workbook

Course Overview – Introduction to SQL