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Dr David Chapman

Director/ Academic

About Me

As a practitioner, I am actively involved in cloud-based platform-as-a-service application deployment.  I have project managed – classically and increasingly through Agile – many small and medium information system implementations.  I have also developed and delivered many face-to-face technical IT developer-focussed and information security commercial training courses.

As an academic, I develop and deliver information security-related university undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK and abroad.  As well as student teaching, my interest in pedagogy has led me to develop and deliver several university-staff teach-the-teacher programmes.

Combining practitioner and academic activity benefits industry clients and students alike.  As a practitioner, I am more reflective and better informed by current research.  As a teaching academic, practitioner activity keeps me up-to-date about current industry practices.


I hold a BSc in computer science from Leicester Polytechnic and a PhD in small firm information security from Coventry University.

Current projects

 ‘Flying faculty’ on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Subjects taught include Marketing Management, Project Management, Information Security, Enterprise Systems and Professional Ethics. Involved with institutional quality improvement and academic development in Africa.


IT consultant and developer. Providing Microsoft platform and Azure cloud-based niche audit systems to UK Government and universities. Includes development, implementation, project management and support services.