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Our approach

Real world developers

Friendly & personable

With lots of experience

Without the hard sell

Up to date knowledge

CHL has been delivering education and programming services in and around the UK public and private sectors since 1994.

Real world developers

We have developed, deployed and maintained some fair size enterprise systems for a UK government agency, universities and colleges.

With lots of experience

We’ve seen and used many methods – from structured methods through to UML. PROMPT2, PRINCE, RUP and now Agile … We loved some at the time, elements we still use, but looking back, well … some were over-hyped. We now have long practitioner and academic experience.

As we practised, we also taught – both ‘bleeding edge’ technical training and postgraduate computing courses, developing and delivering courses, e.g. information security.

Up to date

As practitioners, of course we move with the times – our technical skills are honed by ‘doing’ and backed up with the researcher’s joy of on-going learning. Expert consulting, bespoke training and of course, code cutting keeps us up with current developments and trends.

Friendly and personable

Adding value to clients heavily depends upon soft skills, i.e. communication, friendliness and empathy rather than producing ‘cutting edge’ technical solutions alone. Of course, we adopt best practice skills and techniques – but, we’re not pedalling ‘cookie cutter’ solutions.

So, there you have it: two older guys, who have been around the block. Clearly, we’re not going to suit everyone. Teaching is a people-first business.

If you want an experienced and knowledgeable team who will focus on your desired outcomes rather than process, why not talk with us? Think experience, solutions, outcomes, practical, pragmatic, flexible, innovative…

Without the hard sell

We’re happy to engage with you without obligation. Where appropriate, we’ll gladly come and meet you. If there’s a good ‘fit’ and we get to the point where we can develop a mutually beneficial proposal, then we can do business. No hard sell; it’s not our style.

Start a conversation today call us on +44 (0)1905 821786 or email us.