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Ransomware – How to avoid it

Ransomware is malicious software that will either disable your device or encrypt its files. But how do you avoid it?

This Information Security tips video will give you five straightforward tips to help you avoid being hit by ransomware.

1. Prepare for the worst! Create a backup and recovery system so that ransomware can’t destroy your data. Have a copy in the cloud – using a service that can make an automatic backup. Also, make a copy on a physical device, say an external hard drive or a thumb drive. Always disconnect the physical backup device from your computer when done.

2. Install, enable and use proper antivirus software. Make sure it is obtained from a reputable vendor. Keep the signatures up-to-date. And run regular full system scans.

3. Whenever your operating system or applications offer an update, always install them. Consider enabling automatic update options.

4. Be wary. Doubt everything. Most ransomware infections come from malicious email links or attachments. But, anyone’s account can be compromised. This includes real-life friends on social media and email from work colleagues. Cybercriminals often send fake email notifications apparently from businesses, banks, the police or tax authorities. Look out for them.

5. Ransomware and social engineering go together. If something preys on your emotions, be suspicious. Always trust your instincts! They never lie.

Of course, despite taking all sensible precautions, your system may still get infected with ransomware.

In the next video, I’ll talk about how to deal with Ransomware if you are affected.

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