Welcome! I’m Dr. David Chapman, a guide through the intricate landscapes of Privacy Law and Information Security. As the co-founder of Chapman Hamer Limited (CHL), I bring over 35 years of IT industry experience, coupled with academic expertise evidenced by my PhD in Information Security Policy.

CHL has an interesting story. In 1994, my good friend David Hamer and I, whilst serving as computer science lecturers at Coventry University, embarked on this venture. We wanted to ensure our practitioner skills stayed relevant, so we established CHL as a jobbing programming and training enterprise. The goal was humble, but the journey was anything but. Our little project blossomed, affording us the opportunity to work with both large private sector and public sector clients. One of our crowning achievements was developing the TS2000 Activity Analysis system, which managed the England end of the European Social Fund finances. However, with Brexit, that chapter came to an end, yet the spirit of CHL lives on through its three-letter domain name and continued commitment to education.

Originally from Australia, I’ve called the UK my home for much of my life. Now, in my semi-retired phase, my focus is on one of my lifelong passions – education. I strive to translate complex ideas into relatable, engaging, and relevant information, demystifying the complexities of privacy and information security.

I have had the privilege to share my expertise as a Udemy instructor, providing a catalogue of courses spanning GDPR, CCPA, PIPL, Australian Privacy Law, and Information Security Awareness for UK SMEs. My journey with over 13,000 learners has been rewarding, reflected in the more than 5,000 positive reviews that vouch for the quality of the learning experience I provide.

Privacy is an integral part of CHL’s philosophy, as outlined in our policy, which you can find here.

I invite you to delve into my Udemy and LinkedIn profiles. Join our vibrant community of learners, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Your journey in understanding Privacy Law and Information Security starts here. Explore my courses and let’s embark on this educational voyage together.