Information Security Resources

Explore my Information Security resources to navigate the world of cybersecurity effectively.

These resources are designed to help you understand complex concepts and are linked to my Udemy Information Security course.

How to Guides

Safely Dispose of Confidential Documents and Devices – Your essential guide to secure disposal of sensitive materials and gadgets, ensuring no critical data falls into the wrong hands.

How to Understand, Spot, and Report Phishing Emails – Detect phishing attempts lurking in your inbox, to prevent cyber fraud before it strikes.

How to Spot and Dodge Social Engineering Scams – Equip yourself with skills to identify and sidestep crafty social engineering ploys, bolstering your defences against cyber deception.

Featured Article

Protecting Your Small Business: Understanding Global Cybersecurity Threats – This manual offers small businesses worldwide an in-depth understanding of online threats, coupled with practical cybersecurity enhancement strategies. It addresses prevalent challenges, critical laws, effective safety protocols, the significance of staff training, secure remote work practices, incident management, and the pivotal role of cybersecurity experts in fostering a robust business.


Information Security Glossary – Decode the cryptic language of cybersecurity with my glossary. From ‘Encryption’ to ‘Tailgating’, I break down complex terms into digestible, clear explanations.