How to Safely Dispose of Confidential Documents and Devices

Understand what’s sensitive

  • Recognise that sensitive documents and devices contain private information that should not be disclosed.

Understand the risk

  • Know the risks involved if confidential documents or data from devices are accessed due to improper disposal.

Shred confidential documents

  • Use a cross-cut shredder to dispose of paper documents containing sensitive information. For larger volumes, consider professional shredding services.

Clear devices before disposal

  • Reset mobile devices and tablets to factory settings.
  • Use data-wiping software for computers and laptops.

Destroy storage media physically

  • Crush or puncture old storage media like CDs or hard drives to prevent data recovery. Use professional destruction services for large volumes.

Follow your organisation’s disposal policies

  • Be aware of your organisation’s policies for disposing of confidential documents and devices. Seek guidance from your IT or security team if unsure.

Recycle responsibly

  • Use electronic recycling services that adhere to secure data destruction practices. Make sure they comply with industry standards.

Interactive Video

Watch the interactive video, try the activities, to strengthen your understanding of how to safely dispose of confidential documents and devices.