How to Spot and Dodge Social Engineering Scams

Learn about common social engineering tactics

  • Get to know tactics like phishing (fraudulent emails or texts), pretexting (lying to gain access), baiting (enticing users to leave information), and quid pro quo (exchanging a service for data).

Check the identity of contacts

  • When contacted by someone claiming to be from your organisation or a trusted entity, ask for identification. If unsure, end the conversation and reach out through official channels.

Be vigilant with sensitive information

  • Avoid sharing sensitive details like passwords or personal data with unverified individuals. Limit the information you share on social media.

Stay informed about scams and trends

  • Regularly check news and alerts about social engineering scams. Share this information to raise awareness amongst colleagues.

Report social engineering attempts

  • Notify your organisation’s security or IT team about any suspicious incidents. Include details such as contact information, method used, and any links or attachments.


Interactive Video

Watch the interactive video, try the activities, to strengthen your understanding of how to spot and dodge social engineering scams.