Course Description: GDPR in a Nutshell

Master the principles of GDPR, understand the rights of individuals, and ensure your business meets GDPR compliance with this thorough GDPR Training Course.

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Are you prepared to navigate the intricacies of GDPR regulations and ensure your business is in line with data protection and privacy laws? You’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive GDPR course is designed to give you a detailed understanding of GDPR fundamentals, from principles and rights to accountability and breach notification protocols.

What you’ll learn

What You Will Learn

  • Develop a robust understanding of GDPR principles and their application to data processing activities.
  • Understand the rights individuals have under GDPR and how to enable them to control their personal data.
  • Recognize the significance of accountability in GDPR compliance, including documentation, record-keeping, and data protection by design and default.
  • Learn the procedure for notifying authorities and individuals about data breaches, as mandated by GDPR.

What learners say

Student Testimonials

“This course excels in comparison to other online learning… The regular quizzes encourage immediate application of the material and mimic an in-person learning environment… More courses should adopt this model!!!” – Dan

“The course breaks down and clarifies the intricacies of GDPR using simple, well-paced explanations, enhanced with illustrations.” – Charm

“The key concepts are segmented into bite-sized lessons and their content is crystal clear… The instructor articulates very well and his English is easily understandable for anyone.” – Gabriele

“Clear, comprehensible, and just the right level of detail.” – Darja

“The course was highly informative…” – Rupam

“Excellent course!!” – Ashmita

About your instructor

About Your Instructor

Greetings! I’m David, and I’ve earned a PhD in Information Security. With a history of academia, corporate training, and over half a decade as a Udemy instructor, I am passionate about guiding individuals and businesses like you through the maze of GDPR and data privacy.

I invite you to register for my GDPR course and accompany me on this journey to become a GDPR authority. I am eager to share my expertise and assist you in reaching your objectives. I’ll see you in the course!

Course content includes

Course Content Includes

  • Historical context: Explore the early legislation that set the foundation for GDPR.
  • Territorial scope: Understand the applicability of GDPR across different regions and organizations.
  • Roles and terminology: Comprehend the various responsibilities and key terms within GDPR.
  • Regulation and litigation: Investigate self-regulation, citizen regulation, and other forms of regulation.
  • Supervision and sanctions: Dive into supervisory authorities and the penalties for non-compliance.
  • GDPR principles: Master principles like lawfulness, fairness, transparency, and data minimization.
  • Individuals’ rights: Learn about rights like being informed, access, rectification, and more.
  • Accountability: Understand the need for documentation, Data Protection Impact Assessments, and the role of Data Protection Officers.
  • Breach notification: Learn the procedures for notifying authorities and individuals about data breaches.
  • International data transfers: Understand data transfers in the context of the US, Schrems II, and Brexit.

Who’s the course for?

Who Is This Course For?

This course is ideal for business owners, managers, IT professionals, and anyone seeking to understand GDPR regulations and ensure compliance.

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