Course Description: PIPL 101 – China’s Personal Information Protection Law

Master China’s Data Privacy Regulations and Ensure Legal Compliance for Your Organisation

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Join Dr. David Chapman in this comprehensive course on China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL). This course offers you the chance to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure your organisation’s compliance with Chinese data privacy regulations.

What you’ll learn

  • The context and distinctive features of the PIPL
  • Crucial terminology and roles in Chinese data protection
  • The conditions for lawful processing and how to prepare privacy notices
  • The rights individuals have under the PIPL and how to uphold them
  • The essentials of data governance, security, and managing breaches
  • The rules and requirements for cross-border data transfers
  • The authorities that enforce these rules, the penalties for not following them, and real-world case studies
  • A comparison of the PIPL with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What learners say

  • “Brilliant course. The basic structure was made very clear… It’s thrilling to watch history unfold like this.”Casey
  • “Highly detailed and informative… The comparison of the PIPL to the GDPR really helped clarify things.”Ejiro
  • “The information is clear and the concepts are straightforward.”Abby
  • “A good foundation of information.”Michael
  • “The material is easy to understand.”Paola

About your instructor

I’m David, and I’ve a PhD in Information Security. With a history of academia, corporate training, and over half a decade as a Udemy instructor, I am passionate about guiding individuals and businesses like you through the maze of international data protection law.

I invite you to register for my PIPL 101 course and accompany me on this journey. I’m eager to share my expertise and assist you in reaching your objectives. I’ll see you in the course!

Course content includes

  1. Historical Context: Learn about the past and present events that led to China’s PIPL being made.
  2. Characteristics: Find out what makes the PIPL unique.
  3. Terminology & Roles: Get to know specific terms used in the PIPL and what different people’s roles are.
  4. Lawful Processing Conditions: Learn when it’s okay to process personal data under PIPL.
  5. Individuals’ Rights: Learn about the rights given to people by the PIPL.
  6. Data Governance & Security: Find out the best ways to look after and protect data under the PIPL.
  7. Enforcement & Penalties: Learn about the Chinese groups that make sure the PIPL is followed.
  8. PIPL vs. GDPR: Compare the PIPL with the European Union’s data protection law, the GDPR.
  9. Implications for Foreign Business: Understand how the PIPL affects businesses from other countries working in China.

Who’s the course for?

This detailed course is ideal for business owners, compliance officers, and data protection professionals who want to understand China’s PIPL and its implications for data privacy and governance.

Sign up today and start your journey towards mastering China’s Personal Information Protection Law.

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