08: Further Research

Learning doesn’t stop here! I’ve found some relevant articles for you to read. They’ll take you deeper into the world of data privacy.

Here are some more ways you can learn about it.

OAIC’s announcement about Clearview AI’s privacy breach

OAIC Announcement
This OAIC announcement explains how Clearview AI breached Australians’ privacy. It underscores the importance of respecting privacy laws. Read More

OAIC’s full report on the investigation into Clearview AI

OAIC Investigation Report
This OAIC report gives a comprehensive view of the violation and its implications. It’s a deep dive into the case. Read More

TechCrunch article on Clearview AI’s violation of Australia’s privacy law

TechCrunch Article
This TechCrunch article discusses the violation and its ramifications. It provides valuable insights into the scenario. Read More

TechCrunch article on Clearview AI’s fine in France

TechCrunch Article on Fine
This TechCrunch article talks about Clearview AI’s additional fines in France. It’s a testament to the ongoing privacy law issues. Read More

These sources provide extensive information about privacy violations, their implications, and how they are addressed globally.

I hope they contribute to a deeper understanding and pique your interest in this vital subject.

I hope you enjoyed our journey through the Clearview AI case study. See you in the next one!

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