Part 6: GDPR Learning Resources

Welcome back!

We’ve been exploring Facebook’s GDPR issue, looking at what went wrong and what happened next, and thinking about what it all means (find the previous post here). Here are some links to learn more about it.

TechCrunch article on Facebook’s EU-US data flows decision

TechCrunch Article
This TechCrunch article talks about how Facebook moved data from the EU to the US. It explains why the Irish DPA made their decision and what it could mean. Read More

EDPB decision that led to Facebook’s €1.2 billion fine

EDPB Binding Decision
This binding decision by the EDPB led to Facebook’s huge fine. It shows how regulators view GDPR rule-breaking and the punishments that can come with it. Read More

EDPB decision on the argument made by the Irish SA about Meta Platforms moving data for Facebook

EDPB Decision on Argument
This EDPB decision talks about the argument the Irish SA made about Meta Platforms moving data for Facebook. It explains the complex issues of moving data internationally under GDPR rules. Read More

TechCrunch article on Ireland looking into a Facebook data leak

TechCrunch Article on Leak Investigation
This article talks about Ireland looking into if Facebook broke data protection rules because of a data leak. It’s useful for understanding Facebook’s past issues with GDPR rules. Read More

These sources will give you lots of information about data privacy, GDPR, and related things.

I hope they’ll help you understand more and make you more interested in this important subject. In my last post, I’ll finish up this case study and talk about the main points we’ve learned (Go on to Case Study Conclusion).