Part 1: Facebook’s GDPR Case

Welcome to the first part of my deep dive into Facebook’s claimed GDPR violations.

This all started with the Schrems II ruling in 2020. We’ll be exploring one of the biggest disputes about privacy of data in the 21st century, untangling complex legal and technical matters that are changing the worldwide conversation about data privacy.

I’ve split the session into three sections:

1. Timeline: From Schrems request to Facebook’s GDPR Fine

Let’s start with this timeline. It shows the key events from Max Schrems asking for his personal data from Facebook in December 2012 all the way to Facebook’s huge GDPR fine in May 2023.

Unpacking the Schrems II Ruling and Its Impact

2. The Schrems II Ruling: A Simple Video Explanation

To understand the Schrems II ruling and what it means, start by watching the video below.

3. Pop Quiz

Finally, see how much you’ve learned so far with this quick quiz. Don’t worry; you can take it as many times as you want!

Well done for finishing the first part of this case study! You now know a lot about the early stages of Facebook’s GDPR case, from the Schrems II ruling to the Irish DPA investigation.

But what comes next? In the next part of the series, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of Facebook’s GDPR violations. 

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