Part 2: The Problem – Facebook’s Data Transfers

Welcome back! If you’re new, we’re looking at a major data privacy case – the GDPR violation case against Facebook (find the start of the case here).

Let’s go deeper into the issue that caused problems for Facebook with the Irish DPA, and the effects of the Schrems II ruling on how Facebook operates.

This video gives a clear summary of the main problem in this case – moving data from the EU to the US.

While you watch, think about how big a challenge it is for Facebook and other companies to move data in a way that meets the GDPR’s rules. And as you’re learning, ask yourself, “What does this mean for me as someone who uses the internet?”

I hope going into more detail on the issue helps you understand the difficulties of following data privacy rules in a world that’s becoming more and more digital.

In the next post, we’ll look at the exact GDPR rules Facebook broke and what the Irish DPA did about it (Move onto to Facebook’s GDPR Violations).